The Many Benefits of Choosing a Wood Burning Stove

wood burning stove benefitsThis will be the 3rd time that I have installed a wood burning stove in my house! We have a plan, which is to buy a house, then upgrade it, and sell. Then buy a better house and do the same, so that we can eventually get the house that we really want. It’s a long term plan, and we are enjoying the ride.

Wood burning stoves are good for the environment, cheap to run, heat the house efficiently, and most of all, they look great. I also think that when you come to sell your house, all of the above are excellent selling points. Just light the fire before your prospective buyers arrive, and it’s a done deal! Well almost. I did some research for this post, and I think the argument below shows just why you should install a log burner in your home.

Provision of carbon neutral energy

When derived from plantations and cultivated woodlands in particular, wood serves as a renewal energy and, therefore, sourcing wood locally not only brings benefits to the local economy but also provides an essential role in reducing the carbon footprint. Modern wood burning stoves burn much more efficiently and cleanly than older conventional stoves. The wood burning stoves unlike the traditional heating systems are more energy efficient. Burning wood produces CO2 but unlike the oil which also provides carbon to the atmosphere, new trees can be planted. With every new tree planted, more of the CO2 is then reabsorbed just approximately the same as the amount of the CO2 released into the environment when the wood is burned, making it carbon neutral.

Cost saving with wood burning stoves

Wood is relatively cheaper than other sources of energy and at the same time provides sufficient heating. The wood burning stove utilizes wood in return, and this translates into reduced cost and expenditures. Modern wood burning stoves are efficient heaters, and cost less than the conventional heating options. One of the advantages of having a wood burning stove is that it provides zone heating aspect in which, a person can heat an area he/she desires and at the same time keep the rest of the house relatively cooler. Unlike electricity which is expensive per unit, wood burning stoves are much cheaper compared to the use of electricity driven heating systems.

Wood stove provides comfort that hot air systems cannot

A wood stove provides a true warmth that hot air systems cannot, however, they are less easy to control because the firewood fire cannot be regulated, in the same way that you can with electricity systems, and unlike in the hot air systems where the thermostat controls the maximum temperature that these systems provide. Wood burning stoves are however durable, pretty much maintenance free, and are ecologically friendly unlike conventional heating systems.central heating diagram

Wood burning stoves provides a green heating solution

Burning wood gives a zero-sum impact in the overall carbon emission globally. When wood is burned, only CO2, water and heat are produced. However, one of the notable unique features about the wood burning stove is that heat can be provided even in situations where there is no power, something that is always a problem with conventional hot air or hot water heating systems.

A wood burning stove gives a wonderful ambience

Wood burning stoves are these days elegant in design, and when installed, serve as a focal point for your room. You will find that therea are many designs to choose from, enough to satisfy just about any room design ideas.

There is probably a showroom close to where you live where you can get ideas and advice, see the designs available, and discuss your requirements. You can also find a local HETAS regulated installer in your town, who will be happy to come to your home and advise you on the type of system and show you the wood burning stoves that would best meet your needs.

Multipurpose heating

Modern wood burners are able to not only heat the room that they are situated in, but can also be used for cooking, heating water, and to provide the hot water for your central heating system too.

I think that wood burners and multi-fuel stoves are only going to increase in popularity. Gas use of any kind is being phased out in the coming years, leaving just natural sources, oil and electricity, so now is the time to get ahead of the curve and look at replacing your outdated heating system with a wood burning stove.

The youtube video below will help to show you just what can be achieved by using your log burner as the heat source for a central heating system.