Maximize Your Home’s Value Through Renovation

Maximize Your Home’s Value Through Renovation

Your home is possibly the most important asset you’ll ever own. Many of us would love to safeguard it by having it up to date and well-maintained. Still, many homeowners renovate their houses to feel more comfortable in their dwelling and boost their value. It’s certainly a smart thing to do to your property nowadays. To help you accomplish that, here are some great renovation ideas.

• Add more light and space

A dark and cramped house is an ultimate turn off. Neither you and your family nor a potential buyer will enjoy to have it. So if inside your house you have small rooms that hinder natural light, it will be best if you bring down some of the walls and expand your floor plan. An open floor plan might be something like a combination of your living room, dining room and kitchen. This will form into a larger space perfect for a casual lifestyle. Besides, your house will have enough light and an airy feel. You might as well widen your doorways.

• Enhance curb appeal

In real estate, the first impression is everything. If your house appears less attractive from outside, not even you and your family will enjoy living there. Even the potential buyers will skip it. To begin with, if the exterior is a little bit faded, make an effort to apply another paint. Select paint colors plus decorations that complement the style of your house. Besides, you can include a striking front as well as backyard landscape. You could as well top it up with a patio or deck. All of these will add great value to your property.

• Remodel your kitchen and bathroomkerb appeal

Both of these have the potential to make a huge difference in your property’s value and comfort. A kitchen is the heart of the home and so it deserves to be strikingly wonderful. You could begin by replacing your old appliances with new ones that are energy efficient as well. Also, consider a new tiled backsplash, updated handles on your cupboards, new sinks and faucets, repainting and a couple of other few things that might elevate it to great standards.

As for your bathrooms, you might consider adding a second one. Your family might grow soon or there could be days you might get an extra visitor and it might come handy. Not forgetting the high-end finishes and quality sinks. Ensure they are fixed well to avoid any leakages or unnecessary repairs.

All of these might elevate the value of your home greatly.

• A home office

As of late, more and more people seem to work from home which has made a home office a necessity rather than a luxury. So include a room in your house where you can sit and work comfortably as well store your paperwork and other related materials. This may entail having enough cabinets. As part of the office, you can also add data ports and telephone lines as all of them combined will give your house an added value.

Besides these, there are plenty of other ideas you might want to incorporate into your home renovation project. Some of them include:

• Finished basement plus attic
• Replacing your windows
• Decluttering your househome office
• Replacing or remodelling the roofs
• Inspecting and maintaining your air conditioner, water heater, ductwork and other appliances
• And many others

Owning and maintaining your own home is a formidable task; something breaks, you fix it, something wears out, you replace it, you paint and repair until everything is done, but then you have to start over again. The weather and wear and tear from family life takes it’s toll on a property, but at the end of the day, for most people it is their single most important investment. So it needs to be looked after, and it will repay you in the end.

In conclusion, redesigning your home will certainly give it that much-needed comfort and added value you always wish for. It’s always great to think about the value of each project. Those we’ve highlighted have time and again proved very worthful to many homeowners. So give thought to renovating your home today, and if you have any ideas or feedback, please send them to us, we may even include your story in this blog.

DIY Nightmares

DIY Nightmares

Hi everyone and welcome to my new blog. I wanted to kick things off in a positive way, but the only ideas that come to mind are the problems that we have had over the last few months with our old and draughty house. Don’t get me wrong, I am not disheartened, and it is all starting to come together nicely. So if I get the negative stuff out of the way, the rest can only get better. ( I hope! )

The Flooded Bathroom

So Derek and I decided to renovate the bathroom. We stripped and dismantled, hammered and cursed. Getting the old cast iron bath out of the upstairs bathroom was an experience I never want to go through again, but that was just the start.

We did get the old bath etc out, repaired the floor, had the walls plastered, and the new modern suite plumbed in and working. There was just the hand basin that wasnt working. We wanted to put it in place to check the location, then remove it to fit the new laminate flooring. Then put it back in it’s rightful place, however, we installed the floor and put the basin back, pushing the plastic fittings together. All good, but…

We forgot to glue the water pipe connections to the sink, just pushed them together. Amazingly, everything worked fine. We used the taps and washed in the sink, no problem. That is until we went out for the day, during which time those unglued connections blew apart, allowing water to burst into the room, down the stairs, and even running down the inside of the front door.

We came home probably minutes after the event, to find my designer shoes washing down the stairs. Panic! We turned off the water and cried. So we glued the pipes, dried everything out, including my shoes, re fitted the bathroom floor, hallway ceiling, and stairs carpet.

So that was a lesson learned. We will call a professional plumber next time! There are other instances of madness, which I will recall later, but to be honest there have been more triumphs than defeats.

With my next blog I hope to be more upbeat, and we will be discussing various topics in the hope that they will advise and inspire you in your home renovation journey.

Cynthia xx