Why to Use Concrete Posts for a New Fence

fence postsOne of my first priorities when moving in to a new house is to install or repair the back garden fence. We have animals, dogs and cats, and it is important to keep them in the garden and not running wild around the neighbourhood.

My garden was fenced, but over half was broken down. The damage part was made using wooden posts, and the part still standing was made using concrete posts.

I called my local builder / handyman, and he explained the benefits of both, and he helped me to add new concrete posts to my existing fence to complete the repair, and I am very happy with the job. I then researched the whole thing and wrote this blog for anyone having the same issues. Hopefully you will find it useful.

Your fence system is subject to a great deal of physical force during the day and emergency situations. Even a small amount of wind can make some sections of your fence posts get loose. Things like strong storms and accidental impacts might dislodge your fence posts from the ground. In addition, your fence posts are subject to motor vehicle accidents and damages from vandals.

Although most builders rely on traditional metal or wood fence posts, concrete fence posts provide much higher level of durability and strength. If you’re a handy home owner, you can construct these fence posts yourself to save money over pre-manufactured wooden or steel fence posts.

Concrete fence posts provide more strength per unit than wood fence posts. When subject to the same level of force, a concrete fence post has the ability to support larger load than a wood fence post of the same size. In addition, concrete fence posts are affordable and durable, especially when compared to wooden or steel fence posts.

While wooden and steel fence posts require nails, fasteners, and screws, concrete fence posts usually use a slot-based fastening system, which is easier to install.

_00These concrete fence posts usually comprise of grooves cut into each side, which can accommodate a standard fence rail. Most manufacturers utilize a special propriety installation system, which is designed to operate well with over-sized rails.

This is because those installation systems require no metal fasteners, and they aren’t subject to rust and corrosion. They also require very little maintenance, and they are easy and quick for even the novice installer. Once you’ve installed concrete fence posts, your maintenance cost will be minimal. Sounds good, right?

The 2 major disadvantages that I found was that the initial cost was higher, but that would be repaid in time, and that the posts were very heavy, and probably needs 2 people to handle properly. In my case, I asked my local building repairs guy to give me a hand, and I paid him by the hour for his muscle and experience. Well worth the investment.

One of the major advantages of utilizing concrete fence posts is their high degree of durability and quality. They naturally resist mold and rot, which can damage wood posts. In addition, they don’t rust like steel fence posts and can’t be damaged by termites or pests.

Watch the video below for an idea of how to erect a fence with concrete posts.

Even when subject to frequent strong wind or storms, this type of fence post will up hold for many years.

Although most people associate concrete with gray tones, concrete fence posts actually provide many finishing options to meet any design criteria required. Modern concrete fence posts can be etched or stamped to make intricate textures or patterns.

These fence posts can even be manufactured to resemble woods, bricks, or even natural stones. Several concrete fence posts come pre-finished, with different manufacturers providing a wide range of styles and colors.

So you can see that it’s obvious that concrete wood fence posts are better than wood or steel fence posts. They are of high quality, durable, affordable, and require minimal maintenance. Once they’re installed, be confident that your fence is robustly supported, and you won’t have to replace them anytime soon.

However, your choice of fence posts depends on your location and budget, but it’s wise to go for a long lasting solution, which won’t need a lot of your attention.