Design For Beauty With Picture Frames

home made picture framesI had a thought today, and wanted to quickly put this onto the blog before I forgot. It was about picture frames. If there is one thing that makes a home look lived in, owned, tasteful, modern, elegant, personal, any of those things, it is the picture frame. Second only probably to the picture itself.

To most people a picture frame is something that they hardly give a thought to, would have no idea how to make, or what style they should use, but from a design point of view, it should be regarded as important and something that you can make a statement with.

Picture frames can also be very expensive, very elaborate, but they can also be simple and easy to make at home. I intend to do a full blog on diy picture frames at a later date, but just thought I would put this seed of an idea out there to give you all something to think about. Watch this video…

The frame in the video is just made of simple wood, and looks nice, but change that boring wood for a nice moulding, that can be bought from most diy and craft stores, apply the same techniques and you have a beautiful frame of your choice to match your furnishings and picture.

You just need a few tools and some patience. Why not give it a try. You will save a lot of money and give your self something to be proud of in the process.

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